MOC wide-angle image E21-01165

Blue WA of north polar residual cap at near Ls 85

MOC wide-angle image E21-01165
MOC wide-angle image E21-01165
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Ancillary data for MOC wide-angle image E21-01165

Acquisition parameters
     Image ID (picno): E21-01165
     Image start time: 2002-10-22T06:10:08.12 SCET
         Image  width:    640      pixels
         Image height:   1536      pixels
Line integration time:     80.4800 millisec
   Pixel aspect ratio:      0.82
   Crosstrack summing:      4
    Downtrack summing:      4
     Compression type: MOC-NONE
            Gain mode:     46 (hexadecimal)
          Offset mode:      5 (decimal)
Derived values
Longitude of image center:    245.88°W
 Latitude of image center:     87.71°N
       Scaled pixel width:   1150.23   meters
      Scaled image  width:   1344.96   km
      Scaled image height:   1457.59   km
     Solar longitude (Ls):     84.69°
    Local True Solar Time:      6.86   decimal hours
           Emission angle:     19.41°
          Incidence angle:     64.39°
              Phase angle:     76.26°
            North azimuth:    201.02°
              Sun azimuth:    303.91°
      Spacecraft altitude:    434.04   km
           Slant distance:    457.02   km

Policy regarding use of processed images

Release date: 30 September 2003